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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 22, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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now on fox 45 early dition. there's nothhng you can say about a great family that it was a great amily nd now they're gone. %-is rememberin-- community is ú today. %-christmas.ant a white and crazy, but true, some unbeliivable holiday stories ú%at just might have yoor fammly's beat. it's weddeeday,ú.
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harris. weere getting clossr and closee -o the chrrstmas holiday and lottof people are wondering if christmms. meteorologist steve fertig is here tt give us a look at what we can expect today anding closer to the hooiday. reporter:!!!holiday. the best i can say is -here's a good chance because %-going to determine thing. it's been up in the air. the ommuter models,,their own agreement is easier o say.ú >> it's ooking good or t looks -ike it's going to miss us. -lace. >> so just wait until christmas day and look onnthe out the windwinwindow. >> it's 31 innsalisbury, the same 21 in oakland. it feels chillier, not much of a %-like it's in the mid-u mmd-to3 20s acrrsssthe areaa
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a coupleeof flurries not reaching the ground at this high tempeeature t will be aor 3 chilly day when you factor in the lighh wind out offthe3 northhest at 5-15 miles per hour. tonighttshould be a bit chilly, ú%ain, as we p dr!! droppto 22 s and the indsswill be at and gusting as high as 30. we check in with candace dold with the traffic edge. cannace, good morning. >> rrporter: good mmrning, steve. we are talking about a brokkn it's on york road and youuwill find it tere. it's on -- [ inaudibbe ] it'' a bbtter option there. travels. back to you. a famill of six will be laid to rest ttday. they were all killed when a firr -ippee through their east baltimore home lasttweek.
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megan gilliland is live with the details for today's ervices, good orning, megan. >> reporter: !!megan. megan, good morning? we'reegoing on et back to megan in a ew momentss we will let you knowwthattthe fire ignitee laat week spreadiig quickly killing a mothee, her chiidren. the funeral services will follo3 at 11:00. the shatterfield family is obviiusly distraughh and is asking for continued prayers of strength. >> we havv known them for 10 years, over 10 years, actually. we saw those kids from when the3 were born until they were babies and they're gone..3 therees nothing lse toosay about a family that was just a >> because of the magniiude of their loss, he family is asking
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for monettry donations to heep pay for those funeral costs. donations can do so at the impowerment ttmple family life center at utah place, the harbor harbbrrbank on lift street. meanwhile they are lookk investe been sifting through debris if the house. debbie narves ssnt her mom a crypt ticcryptic message to his. in case there's anything griffith and it's my boyfriended ú%t my best ffienn. griffith was arreeted in ootober for beaaing narvez and they report that she was ppegnant at the time.
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>> when i heard about the text, i told investigatoos about it. tt me it ddesn't make any sense -eally quick.ú it doesn't make any sense. >> she is a former redskins cheerleader. p>> 22 years old lawrence teen was arrestee a us couped of having sex with a 14 years oldd the police found the two in a pasadena pprking lot. hh was artially nude at the time. the suspect met the girl via ú%sspace ann online. ú%timately they had nnmmrous sexual encounters leadiig up to this arrest. always iiportant to know what your children are doing online. %-to police lieutenant james ste phalo is going to jai3
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afterradmitting to trrding hundreds of text messages with a 16 years old girl. the 47 years ood apologizee to the victim's family in court. he was a 27 year veteran of the force and his friends stood by ú%m side. -p>> jimmy sephalo is a wonderfu person. ú% is a good, gooo person. >> when he completes the 5 year sentence, hh will still have 15 years of supervised probationn the washington d.c. area metro is taking extra steps to beef up securitt but the nee random bag earchee are reeeiving mixed reactioos. we have the story. -p the random ssarches targeted, only people with luggage or with bag pack or peopll with -- backpacks. the person with a bag would be
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where tsa screeners would pass swab over he bag.3 the swab is put in a machine explosive, if thh finding ii negative, the personnis able to enter the syssee.ú metro transit police say the random searches are >> i say it's aareaay been york, boston and new jersey. we are confiient the same %->> reporter: it's an extra deter terrorists.3designed o tte random searccee. >> favorite i wasswasn'tt3 okay..3 >> eporter: more than halfú support the new inspectionn. >> i'm fine with it as llng as it doesn't take too long. everybody is in a hurry. >> reporter: others question >> i thinn it's
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>a man accused of tryinn too blow up a millitary organizatio3 at catonsville is indicted. antonio martinez is facing ú%tempted weapons of mass destruction. detonate t..3and tried to -p thhemaryland racing commissionnrejects a ppan that would keep raccig going through 2011. the owwers of pimlico submitted a plan for 46 days of live3 racing, but there were strrngs attached. the proposal included closingú -own bowy's ttap andd ecauue the propooal as shot own,,as of right nno there won't be any %-incllddng the preekness. ú% i think it's time to without3 pointing fingers althoogh therrú may be to say that thhre''sno
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future for maayland raacng under exploring llgal options to3 protect state interests. the racing commissioo meets again nexx month. a new state reporttabout old debate among lawmakers. ú%e report lloks at 37 states that allow the mailinn of wine. ffr yearr wineriesshave been urging state lawmakers to ppss the bill allowing hem to sell wiie online. >> it would broaden our baseea -nything we canndo to boost our sales is going to help especiallyyduring these timessú whee grooth is kinn offslow. >> distriiutoos who lobby against it say it would hhrt thh president will sign a bill repealing the millitary's ú%e landmark law will allow ayy
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-nddlesbians to serve openly for the firss time. so many peoppe are expected to atttnd thh signing thht the whiie house boooed an audittrium ú%r the event. they are warning that it will ttey want to make sure thee3illú repeal hhppens without affecting ú%e aaility to fight. police say a oman enterrd the wsoz lobby on tuesday notice with a gun in hand. sppak with someeoe when should he intertd builddng. entered the building.ú the gun tuuned out to be ú%loaded anddinvestigators still don''tknow what led to the -ncident. a texas teen says thatú tuessay morning's lunar eclipse saved his family's life..3 a friind texted him early tuesddy morning elling him to hh awoke to a wall of fire.bed
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his family out of the house. -uckily everyone made it out safely. ú%ere'ssno word on what caused the fire. one group hoping to spread some cheer lands thee in a boat they were singing songs and tossing candy canes outside oo their schools when offfciaasú came over and anded out3 detentiins. school officials caalee the candy canes weapons and claimed the boys had the intent to injure. >> they said like the andy canessare wapons bbcause you can sharpen thee with your mouth and stab people with them. >> the principal says there's a lot more to it than just handing out candy and the discipline wws warranted. an eye catching christmas %-is causing concerned drivers o pull over. take a look. it's a fake money made to look
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liie a man danglinggfrom the roof. the ownee says he ever meant to alarm anyone. he amm across theeidea on the internettand thought it might be funnto try it out. christmas miracll for the salvation rmy affer a big last minute push, tte organiiation ú%s overcome a challenggng year gooas.nations and met collection baltimorr -- jool d smith s live in norrh bbltimoreewhere passing out gifts to needy families. good morning, joee. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. good news to report. ttys and clothes that need to go to the amilies that need them the ost. riiht the way they need to be all because peopll came through. was this aaclose call this yeaaú >> it was so close, that ur staff wonnered whether iihadúú%0
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more fammlies that aae gging to ttrough the doors this holiiay seeson. ú-lot offboxes that weren't a complete. the call wenttout and people came through. -s of yesterday, ha! we had 1500 completed today.5 boxes >> reporrer: did you even coosider he what if, if that didn'' happee??3 administrattr that i am,,you b perraas not to do nee toys. and the staff looked at me as if i had said somethhng horrible. no, heeeekids are eepecting somethinggelse. >> reporter: once again, three new ttyssand two clothing items. ú% yes and the younger kids get %--olll.3ed annmals and the baby
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tottl of 300 children? time.úorter: they will be patrice, amaziig. communitt can do when they rally together to do wwat it is needed. >> reporter: they ggve a lot throughout the year but they needed a llttle bit more.3 so they got it. -e didn't have to walk the planú at the inner harbor. >> very ggod that the families will be able to get whht they -ned aad hhve a great chhistmaa. line up and gee their stuff. share yoor holidaas with us. go there you can find the holiday and soldier greetings and you can send us your holiday greetings..3 aagrinch attacks an area chhrch. >> it's pretty low lifee p> what thh suspect got away
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just days before christmas. the and the flurries out to once again today, cold air also3 is here once á@8f2& 5:17 on this wednesday
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we are checking out ourrhddradar which appearr to be briiging s some snow. most oo is reaching the grouud. you see flurries, and we are a white christmas, hat is on everybody's mind. that would be connucive for a precipitation that would bring us snow, 1 degrees in hagerstown and 25 in oakkand. freezing mark, at 32 degrees. not bad, and 311at salisbury at this hour..3 -ven with the 5--0-mill--nnhoor wwnds to the west is feeling
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chillier. 27 in hagerstown and 19 in doon in salisbury it feels like 31, all rrght, dover, he wants -o get ii the act. 21 degrees is what ittfeell like there. we will bring in the delaware future scan a model indicates that there's nothing much happpning right now. -i's goinggto dry. we will see partly cloudy skies. you do see tte bbue area indicating snow to the westeen been so uncerttin that it3as diifers from one has it movingg3 further oward the north and other. it comes through the crollnas,ú vviginia aaea, you can see he midwest is affected as the mid-atlanticcand new england areas..3 %-fall that we get startingnow saturday now into sunday and %-instead of the earlier timefre ú% have. here s the second possibility,
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%-stays toward the carolinn are. oo the oth possibiiities are there. we will get soo get somethinggo3 -hiss 40 to 50% chance offssow showers. today the eassern shore, skies, a 10-20-mile-an-hour wind. ceenral paat f the maryland, -etting up to 37 with partly ssnny skies. the winds pick p enoughhto make the 33 degrees for western part of the state whhre we get up 10-15-mile--n-hhur winn. tonight 26 degrees, another cold night, especially when you factor in tte wind picking up abbut 15-20 milee per hour more sunshine tomorrow. the windd will make it feel chillier still.3 it will actually feel chillier3 eeen though it will be a sunnier
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day. day and it looks ike not your -unday, the etter chance of snow showers, 35 and 32 respectively and lingering ssow showers n sundaa. 35 on tuesday witt mostly clear skies. now for a look at thht is need to check in once again with -dge. %->> reporter: good morning, steve.ú so faa, acttally a prettt ú%joyable ride out on many of the many lines. in fact, the west side stretch of the beltway at 33 miles er boulevvrd, and 63 moving ttrough pikesville. %-watermain, we have been dealig with it on the southbound lanes of york road. it'' righh near timoniiu road.ú it's going to be a tough skis through there, sew for at alternate take a live look at 83. and it'ssvery light ctiviiy, southbound stretch and even the northbound strrtch. ttis is tte wayyto go thisú
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once you approach the belttay, takiig a ive lookk moving at providence roaa, and even ttee3 inner loop ssretch toward 95, and thhnnthe commute through bbltimore, so far so good on 895, taking a livv look, a pleasant drive oo the northbounú and southbound lanes. and as for 95, we're in the green pretty much the entire just one incident, a disabled %-stretch..3he norrhbound that's a look at the morning commute, patrice,,over o you. pfizer recalls aadruu for the th time. the reason from lip forr!! liiig puuled from sttre shelvvs. pretty low.ow liie. >> a real sccooge isstrying to
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verizon 4glte. stream hd video and rule the air on the fastest 4g network in america.
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i this that whoevvr did the burglary now what they wwre going for. >> believeddthe burglar climbed theeselves on to theeroof where ú%ey then climbed the window. >> pretty low life. >> repprtee: the person took thousands f dollars rom the church's sai safe, some donatioo
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>> the parishhisscovering all b3 $1,000 of that. -> reporter: the st. francis pastor took that out of his own3 pocket. >> we feellthat not all of the safety measures to protect these things were being utilized. the church's security system unarmed. the safe left unlocked..3 %-thankfuu thattthere wasn't mo3 monee n tte safe which theee typically ii this time of year. and for forgiveness. %-there's human whh are sufferig and may be ddsperatt. we wwuld pray for those people. 45 morning news cominggup later in the early edition, floodd and mudslides cceate ccaos on the west coast. where ttere's been a desaster deccaaation and a state ofú emergency. next gps ssles are
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post gains and drug company best-selling products once again. dennis neil haa morr in today'' businnss report. reporter: a daa for deals on wall streee with the biggest td bank,,canada's seconn largest is buying chrrsler finannial the price tag, $63 million. stockk digginggthe deal the dow up 53 points, the nnsdaa and s&p making gains. a drug buster not passing tte teetify. pffzee recalliig 900,000 bottles
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of lipitor. recall for lipitor. -p more bietsz fo bites foo . the ccmpanyysaying that sale of apple t.v. is surpassing. details of portaabe gps devices are going off course. sales off 9%. more people using their cell phones for helppwith directions. that's business, i'm dennis neil. >coming up a teenagee dies why inveetigators believe he maú hhve idden there. the city mourns a family of six killed in a house fire. i'm megan gillillnd, where you can pay your respects to thh ffmily today. >> reporter: it looks like santa's workshop, buu it's actually the salvation a
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